[Must Read] 5 Problems with MLM in India

If we talk about network marketing or MLM, there is a lot of problem about this in India, it often happens that we get associated with a network marketing company, then we get a chance to go to this company properly. By going we come to know whether network marketing is really a business, whether it is a system or not, and many of its myths are dispelled, it is also true that there are many problems regarding network marketing, today we discuss and solve 5 problems with MLM in India.

5 Problems with MLM in India

Myths :

Let us now know the myth of network marketing business a little properly, you must have also seen that as soon as the plan of network marketing is brought in front of someone, then that person gets a little nervous and the person who is the presenter is very suspicious. Seeing this happens because the network marketing business is not yet well known, due to which people have doubts about the network marketing business and the people related to it, the doubt is that

  • Am I not making a fool?
  • There are so many companies that run away?
  • Everyone’s neighbor or relative has done this business and failed in it.

Due to all this, many myths have been created about network marketing business, so people think bad about the plan of a good company, see if you are doing or going to do network marketing business, and want to be successful in this. You will have to work a lot on your basics so that you can answer every question of the people, and you can work for a long time in this business.


As I just told you about network marketing or MLM in India, only the one who has come into this business is very less, people without doing business rarely have accurate information about this business…

After coming into the business of network marketing, people start knowing the business, after joining network marketing company, when he takes the training of this business, books are read, then he comes to know about this business and this The problem of ignorance is huge,

As long as we are not aware of any business or profession, then there will be trouble in doing the same or marketing it. But the good thing is that now network marketing is being taught as a subject in many colleges, due to which awareness is increasing.

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No System:

Whenever it comes to any business, the system is the backbone of every business, there is a big difference between a successful person and a successful person and that is the system, let’s understand it a little carefully.

You must have seen the cricketers playing cricket in the street, many of them children play very well,

And many children take full cricket training, practice well, take cricket as a profession or career under the supervision of a good coach.

Now you tell which of the two children are more likely to become successful cricketers, those who play only cricket in the street or those who take full cricket training and practice, move forward step by step.

The simple answer is that children who play a game like a cricket also learn from the whole system,

Network marketing business is also dependent on the system itself, if you follow the system properly, then your chances of success increase, but there are many such companies in which there is no right system of success or doing that business. happens, and in the end, the result is that people are failing too many and one day that company shuts down.

 5 Problems with MLM in India

No Rule & Regulation:

When it comes to business, it’s what profession have created something rules and laws for everyone because network marketing was a new concept in Business India were the result made no rules and laws for the business so It happened that many companies opened the concept of MLM, but the money of many people got sunk in this business, due to which a lot of negativity about this business spread in India, the good thing is that in the last few years, the Government of India started this business. Have also paid attention and have made new laws regarding network marketing or direct selling, if you want, you can read these rules and regulations by visiting the link given below

Direct Selling Guidelines – Department of Consumer Affairs

If you are going to join any network marketing company, it has been done and you also want to be successful in this business, then, first of all, read carefully the new laws of network marketing business made in India and compare with your company if your If the company is following all these rules, then only you should work in that company and be fully dedicated.


There have been a lot of frauds in the name of network marketing business in India, many companies are open that run away with people’s money. Told you that due to lack of awareness, myths, system and no rules and regulations regarding this business in India, there have been a lot of frauds, and even now it is happening, so be careful if someone is wrong in the pursuit of becoming rich quickly and earning money. Neither invest your money in the company nor let your neighbors and relatives invest money,

It is very easy to avoid these frauds, just you should have complete knowledge of the rules and laws, it is enough that you can avoid any fraud.

 5 Problems with MLM in India


In this article, we have known 5 Problems with MLM in India or Network Marketing Business, if you understand these five reasons properly and gather some information, then how will you be able to do this business better, in the next few posts. I will tell you about legal and legal network marketing business plan,

Do tell how you liked this article, apart from this, what other problems do you think are related to network marketing, please tell by commenting

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